augustus 15, 2014

E-commerce in Philippines

Thailand is an amazing country full of beautiful things to see and do. While traveling around Philippines you can clearly see Philippines is a growing economy and there are lots of business opportunities here. A lot of these possibilities are in the E-commerce industry. Philippines currently has an internet user penetration around 36%.
augustus 16, 2014

The web industry in Philippines

The web industry in Philippines is just getting started since only 36% of the total Filipinos population is using the Internet. We can see that website design in Philippines and all over web development has some interesting facts that are similar to the West.
augustus 29, 2014

Logo design in Manila

Any succesful entrepreneur will tell you that a good logo design is essential to your business. Your logo is your most powerful marketing tool, as it directly connects you to your costumers and expresses your company’s core identity. In fact, research has shown that well-designed logos have a positive effect on company performance
september 24, 2014

Southeast Asia Start-up Scene Gains Rapid Venture Capital Investments

The start-up scene in Southeast Asia gains momentum as hundreds of millions of residents gain access to the Internet. Many business owners in Southeast Asia have moved directly into mobile technology and sidestepped desktop devices completely.
december 16, 2014

Logo design trends 2018

What impression does a logo create for you at first glance? Is it the actual logo? The name? The slogan? It may also be the logo as a whole but whatever it may be, the logo surpasses that but the first impression is still the most significant part.
februari 2, 2015

Bitcoin and why we like it | We design you logo and we accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin is leading the disruption in the payment industry The cryptocurrency Bitcoin is currently at a point at which it can significantly start to disrupt the leading payment industry.
april 10, 2015

Do small businesses need a website?

It is Saturday evening and you are looking for a local restaurant to have dinner at. The first thing you do is to check the Internet and you find some names of local restaurants.